The way home

We are aware that our consumption changes the world.
That is why we have created an action plan that is better for our customers, for us and for the planet in general. Let us be the change we want to see in the world.

How we work?

JUPE Home is a comprehensive turnkey home construction service.

From the plans, with our architecture department, to the last decoration details, available in our exhibition of materials, we take care of and take responsibility for the entire process that involves building a home. Without intermediaries, without surprises, without problems.

To achieve this, we base ourselves on 6 very specific and defined phases:

Phase I

The first thing is to speak.

  • Our sales team receives the first ideas from the client and establishes the work to be done.
  • Delivery of the pre-sale dossier with a first estimate of the urban possibilities (to be confirmed by the competent Administration).
Phase II
Basic project

The drawing that will become reality.

  • Once the completion of the project with JUPE is confirmed, a plan proposal is drawn up according to the client’s needs and preferences, and the basic project is generated.
  • A first estimated budget is made, and a manufacturing deadline is given from the time the licence is obtained.
  • The client presents the basic project at the town hall to obtain the licence.
Phase III
Execution project

The relevance of details

  • Once the licence is obtained, the final plans are confirmed with the client detailing the facilities, structure, carpentry and construction details.
  • The budget is delivered according to the plans.
  • The client must present the executive project at the town hall.
  • With the definitive acceptance of the budget, the client’s signature and the administrative licence, the final delivery date will be confirmed. In case of modifications in the project by the client, both the budget and the delivery date will be reviewed and updated.
Phase IV

Factory and field work

  • After the client’s signature, the work in the factory is planned, and the activities begin in the field.
  • The base of the building is built on the site.
  • Vertical walls are built on horizontal tables. Everything in the factory to control every detail.
Phase V

The puzzle takes shape

  • The walls travel to the property to be assembled in record time.
  • Once this process is finished, the roof is built and the insulation, heating, plumbing and electricity systems are installed.
Phase VI

In just 6 months the house is finished

  • After an exhaustive quality control of all the materials, the keys are delivered to the client so that he can begin to enjoy his new life.
The basic elements are the key to a job well done

The choice of raw material is one of the pillars for any construction process. We have all the necessary materials for the construction of spaces where to live.