Mechanisms without errors

A system is a set of elements that fit together.
Nothing can fail. That is why we have the best suppliers in the market that guarantee efficiency in the installations of plasterboard, insulation and LED light.

Our supplier for a wide variety of applications
Light and innovative systems for façades, partitions, cladding, ceilings, plasters or floors

Knauf is a leader in the manufacture of laminated gypsum board (PYL) and dry construction materials for the design of living spaces sustainable, healthy, safe and comfortable in the building.

Insulation solutions
Insulation systems 100% stone wool for houses and buildings

Rockwool offers products that contribute to creating a circular economy that optimizes the efficiency of natural resources and reinforces the safety,
health and well-being of all those who make and they use their products.

Products for the safety of structures
High performance insulation and passive fire protection systems

Promat offers sustainable solutions that protect lives and assets, improve comfort, optimize process efficiency, minimize loss of space and energy and help reduce CO2 emissions.

Thermal and acoustic Insulation
Insulators systems based on increasingly efficient and sustainable materials
Geopannel is a company whose vision is based on research and innovation in the regeneration of textile fibers. These are used as felt to replace oil and its derivatives. Its applications cover a wide range of sectors.